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The subrogation process requires critical thinking and aggressive action, but above all, effective communication. Bradley Law Firm approaches each case with not only these tools, but also a zealous pursuit of justice on the client’s behalf.

Founded by a man with an innate talent for communicating even the subtlest of details, James E. (Jim) Bradley has earned a reputation for taking effective communication with the client to a new level. More than 30 years of results show that employing this simple sounding but unique benefit as the bedrock of the firm’s approach is absolutely essential to maximized outcomes. It gives wings to innovative but cost-effective solutions that lead to higher recoveries, whether through settlement negotiations, patient mediation or aggressive trial work.

Start the communication now and see how quickly Bradley Law Firm responds to your needs. Contact Jim Bradley at 713-974-4800 or jbradley@bradleylawtexas.com for a no-cost consultation.

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